entomo USTEX's equipment is made entirely of stainless steel, except in unavoidable cases such as motors.

304 stainless steel exhibits excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance in a variety of atmospheric environments and many corrosive substances, making it ideal for HACCP facilities and demanding environments where excellent mechanical properties are required.

Insect milking machine


Rather than receiving pre-made equipment, we manufacture customized equipment upon order according to the size and route of your factory.

No more fitting the factory to your equipment. We increase the efficiency of the process by matching the equipment to the process.

Multi-purpose sorter (small)

Origin processing plant 
| Seoul City Hall installation


Don't worry anymore about equipment installation.

We deliver directly to your desired location and install it by a professional engineer.

Seocheon Insect shelf & insect breeder installation photo

Trial run

After completing equipment manufacturing, 

we conduct test runs before delivery and after delivery and installation. In addition, we provide training on installed equipment so that you can make the most of it during actual use.

Request for equipment production

Know your purpose

Size confirmation and production

Test run after production

Personnel delivery and installation

Commissioning after installation

Equipment training


Consulting and follow-up management

Don’t waste your time by researching and comparing for yourself. 

entomo USTEX's professional consultants directly consult on equipment suitable for your factory and make your business more successful through Entomo Earthex's experience and technology.

We constantly check and manage whether our equipment is being used appropriately for your process.

Visit after completing Seocheon facility installation천 설비 | Vigilance

Visit after completing Seocheon facility installation천 설비 | Vigilance