entomo USTEX’s proposal
entomo USTEX, with its expertise, experience, technology and proven performance capabilities in various areas, designs the safety and value of your business.

Customer-tailored solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the field related to insects,

We provide know-how in research/production/processing/operation.

By working with entomo USTEX, you can build a stable business foundation.

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From consulting to system construction, operation management,

We provide free solutions, including training.

entomo USTEX works with experts in each field. We have a business process that is unique in Korea, 

achieved through 30 years of trial and error.

Consulting target

If you are returning to farming 
or are interested in

If you want to start a business after retirement but are at a loss due to lack of preparation and information.

If you have interest or concerns about insect labs in schools, public institutions, etc.

If you are a ‘young entrepreneur’ who wants to take on the challenge of a stable and certain new business

If you are interested in the endless 
possibilities of insects

If you need a solution to dispose of household waste such as military bases, schools, rest areas, government offices, etc.

Consultant General / Deok-Ju Park

Development of the insect industry, a new blue ocean wind in insect equipment

About the vision of entomo USTEX...

entomo USTEX was created based on over 30 years of insect breeding and processing technology, and focuses on minimizing irrationality in equipment by manufacturing and using all equipment directly.

It is sturdy and hygienic, compatibility with other facilities, and simplification technology for all facilities have been combined. Capacity and format suitable for the characteristics of insect farms have been considered, and various auxiliary facilities have been prepared to link automation and smart functions. I'm doing it.

All equipment is not limited to manufacturing and delivery, but we also work to improve the efficiency of the equipment through sufficient after-sales service and equipment operation training. We focus on improving the productivity of farmers through equipment, and have the most knowledge in the industry related to insect production and equipment. We maintain the highest level of competitiveness in the industry, including holding property rights, and provide various solutions so that insect farms around the world can operate easily and efficiently.

entomo, a company specializing in the insect industry, is constantly challenging young people to develop new markets, and provides counseling, professional technology transfer training, and consulting for various prospective farmers, including young entrepreneurs, those returning to farming, re-starting businesses, and starting businesses after retirement. It is a social enterprise that works with farmers to help them achieve a stable and effective start-up by providing many solutions such as purchasing and administrative support after starting a business.

We are confident that all facilities provided by Entomo Earthex will be a reliable partner in the success of your business. thank you