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Challenge for 

100 years

Patents related to insect equipment

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Differentiated Services

Welcome to entomo USTEX.

We build professional large-scale insect installations.

(Self-production)  entomo USTEX manufactures and operates equipment at its own factory.

(Have skills)  Insect breeding technology and know-how

(Custom made)  Can be manufactured to customer requirements

(Smartization)  Controlling the growth environment of insects is possible by applying ICT to facilities.

(Massification)  Uniform, continuous mass production possible through automation of equipment

(Know-how)  Insect breeding technology and state-of-the-art equipment/realization of an integrated system

Consulting for choosing the best equipment

(Dispatch of experts)  Facility operation training provided by experts in each field

(Vigilance)  Equipment A/S and tracking management support

(Technical suppor)  Customized support for insect industrialization for customers

(Professionalism)  Holds the largest number of insect-related intellectual property rights in Korea

(Competitiveness)  Of 34 insect-related patents, 17 are equipment-related.

(Innovative)  Future-oriented equipment can be manufactured with technology-intensive know-how.

Application of our equipment

+ 5 countries 

Sales country

Secure partners and customers 

around the world

+ 1,200 units 

Selling equipment

Approximately 1,200 units of equipment sold domestically and internationally

+ 49,600

Factory size

Around 120 factories 

in our solutions

+ 12 people 


Experienced and highly 

skilled engineers working

Role model & business partner in the insect industry

With our advanced technology and excellent service, our facilities are

It is sold all over the world.

Our Recommended Facilities

Air sorter

ALL Stainless Steel

1,000 x 1,000 x 2,160mm

Small vibrating sorter

ALL Stainless Steel

700 x 1,600 x 1,300mm

Microwave dryer

ALL Stainless Steel

1,400mm x 1,100mm x 1,600mm